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The Deceiver-Owl

Barred OwlPictured is a Barred Owl that came to visit last summer. It saw me in the window of the house photographing it and seemed to turn to me and pose.

In my Vision Quest in 1993 with Sparrow Hart as my guide, in the Gila Wilderness in New Mexico the owl showed up three times in various forms.

The owl is not a purveyor of death so much as it is a messenger of the night. It has keen eyesight in the dark and has what is called “deceiver feathers”, silent wings. It is the omen of perception or deception, depending on how you use it’s power. Many “Seers” in aboriginal tribes had owls symbolically or in the flesh.


Mountain Lion Sighting Yesterday

It was around 4 in the afternoon yesterday January 30th, I was playing some tunes on the guitar, when someone knocked emphatically on the front door. It was my neighbor, he said a mountain lion just ran across the road in front of his car, down my driveway and into the backyard. I described a large bobcat I’d photographed a couple of years ago, but he said, nope it had a long tail.

Fish and Wildlife say over and again that the Eastern Mountain Lion is extinct. Yet many people out here have claimed to see them. Pictured here is the bobcat I photographed and a stock photo of the lion. What do you think?


Well it’s great timing because tonight we get a full supermoon with an eclipse and the moon is in Leo.