Residents of Walnut Hill in Spring


Movement and more movement. Spring in the Upper Buckland Region is all about getting things done. There are bugs to be eaten, so the Red Wing Black Birds are feasting. There are worms below the lawn so enter the Robin. And a strange version of a Squirrel loves the Sun Flowers that hit the deck, as they say.

In observation, no yellow jackets to be seen. Lots of bumble bees no shortage of black flies, water skippers, efts in the pond, some early fire flies, good sized bull frogs, new puffy female cardinal, the crows yelling protective caws at eagles of all things, fresh bear scat, which is not usual now, coyote scat for sure, a regular king fisher, white tail in the back yard, hilarious field mice bouncing in front of the mower and of course snakes and some big old jack rabbits.


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