Stagger Your Color

One of My Favorites

Bleeding HeartsThe greatest downfall of our world is that people have stopped looking at Creation. It is minuscule and towering. But, you have to stop and see it. Once you witness the Natural World-(of which we are a vital part)-you see perfection. Taking time to see and learn, to know your gardens timing, is to be the Gardner.

It comes in various waves, the gardens. Be it perennial, annual, vegetable: or even an orchard.


Overview and Description of Bleeding Heart Plants

It’s easy to see where the old-fashioned Bleeding Heart (Dicentra spectabilis) got its name. The pillow-like flower is heart shaped with a single dangling pendulous drop.

Bleeding Hearts are shade loving woodland plants that bloom in the cool of spring. Although they stay in bloom for several weeks, the plants often become ephemeral, disappearing for the rest of the summer, if planted in too much sun or heat.




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