New England Sauntering


Today is in the mid to upper 50’s. A great day to to get reacquainted with life.

Part of life’s greatest pleasures, experiences, and learning space, is the lost art of sauntering. Doing a short “walkabout.” Seeing and not just looking.

We are all artists in how we can see what is there. Right there. You don’t have to have “talent’ to have seeing ability and appreciate our environment.

Years ago I brought some friends to this spot in the forest amid a hemlock grove. There was a natural formation in the grove center as if a council fire might be lit. Every dead log and all of the ground was covered in green moss. I went there for quiet a lot.

So as we sat in the quiet of this natural church, suddenly my friends got up and started moving rocks for a fire pit and logs as benches. My face went pale.

We didn’t have a fire.

But I was astounded by what they did to this place. They just didn’t “see.” Next day I went back and as best I could I pieced it all together again.

Years later it looked the same again, but then a giant hemlock uprooted and fell in the center and what I saw was different.

The photos: Rocks in a Stream and Frog Spawn in a pond.



2 thoughts on “New England Sauntering”

  1. Growing up my grandmother would take me, my sister, and cousins on this walk to what we called “The Purple Forest.” Years later I took my wife and children to this special place and it was exactly the same. The sights, smells, laughter, and joy will be with me and my family forever.

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